Join us for our third birthday party + auction!

Saturday, December 7th, 2019 / 7-11PM

Hairpin Arts Center / 2810 N. Milwaukee Ave

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Women-operated nonprofit in Chicago providing high-quality consulting services.

Women Unite! believes in the power of women and the key role we play in making our world a more just, compassionate place. We strive to uplift the voices of all who have been silenced or marginalized, including queer, trans, and gender nonconforming folx.



In December 2016, Women Unite! (WU!) started hosting monthly fundraisers for local nonprofits committed to uplifting and empowering the communities most attacked by the Trump administration.

In two years, Women Unite! raised over $50,000 for 28 Chicago-based organizations.

In January of 2019, WU! began the process of becoming a formal 501c3.



Women Unite! partners with three local charities for 12 months, offering the following services for free:

  • Fundraising and External Communications

  • Creative Design and Marketing

  • Professional Training and Development

Additionally, we provide these services to mission-aligned organizations on a sliding scale.

We support this work through the work we do for our clients. When you hire us, you invest in our partner charities, ensuring they get the extra boost needed for long-term, sustainable growth. 



Join the #WUChi crew!

We’re always looking for talented individuals to work with. Are you a creative who loves meaningful design, a developer eager to build a beautiful website, or a writer itching to create engaging content? If you have the time and passion, put your skills to good use!